Beautify Your iOS Photos with Over

May 16, 2013
Over App - Add beautiful typography to your photos

99.94% of the time, I’m disappointed by apps.  Like most things in life, it’s all fancy packaging wrapped around empty promises followed by crushing reality, lingering disappointment and reduced self-esteem for having been a big enough sucker to believe in anything to begin with.

Every one-hundred-thousand apps or so, however, one comes along that is worth the effort to download.  And this one, I discovered by accident.  Half typo, half space-out, I typed “over” into Google and the first result was  A fortuitous and strange accident.

Over allows an iPhone user to superimpose some spiffy typography over the iOS photos in your camera roll.  The interface is slick, the usability is simple, the results can be striking*, and then you share to your favorite social media platforms.  All from your phone, painlessly.

Over App Examples

I, personally, never recommend apps.  Because they all suck.

But I personally recommend this app.  Over.

*Reality Check:

Over will not make you a great photographer, typographer or designer.

(But it’ll help you fake it.)

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