Big Frog Goes Big and Gets Noticed: Awarded Golden Ed Award

May 14, 2013
Big Frog receiving The Golden Ed Award

Big congratulations to Big Frog for receiving the second Golden Ed Award. Big Frog, headquartered in downtown Dunedin, is rapidly opening new franchised custom t-shirt stores all around America. Leeward, Big Frog’s Chief Executive Frog, was kind enough to show 13 Guys Named Ed around the office and introduce us to his great team. Leeward agrees, there is no better place than Tampa Bay to grow his company.

Once one sets foot in the mock store, connected to Big Frog’s corporate office, it becomes apparent why they are so successful. The stores are clean, modern, and they draw your attention to the machine that makes it all happen. Big Frog has a state-of-the-art t-shirt printing machine that allows it to produce any sized order of custom t-shirts quickly, without any setup fees, or art charges.

More important is Big Frog’s attention to detail in customer service and corporate culture. Leeward proudly displays ‘The Big Frog Recipe’ in his office, which outlines exactly how the Big Frog experience is created. It’s clear they live by it.

At one point, Leeward asked how we found out about Big Frog and why we chose them to receive The Golden Ed Award. There is only so much information one can find about a company online. Every company claims to be great; I guess we’re just great at finding the ones that actually are. The funny thing is that Big Frog was everything we imagined they would be and more. It feels good when expectations are exceeded.

Big Frog LogoIt is a no-brainer to recognize them for their contribution to Tampa Bay. Keep an eye on Big Frog as they continue to leap to new heights.

Connect with Big Frog on Twitter, Facebook, or visit their website (which is brand new and awesome-looking).

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