Bringing the Snazz

January 2, 2013
The Green Lemon

Recently, a local restaurant group (Ciccio’s Restaurant Group) reached out to the public for a little re-branding nudge by renaming one of their locations. It is a modern Mexican cantina formerly known as The Lime, and sparing you the legal jargon explaining why, they needed a snazzy new name that would resonate with their lively and trendy clientel.

The Eds brought the snazz, all wrapped up in a cute little citrus fruit pun.

I entered the facebook contest to rename the restaurant to throw in my two cents and a dash of sarcasm. I was just as surprised as anyone when they chose my entry as the winner and The Green Lemon was born.

The moral of the story: 13 Guys Named Ed is kicking off 2013 by continuing to throw some awesome at whatever we can, even when it happens totally by accident, and we like to think there is plenty more to come.


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