Octobeard – Finale

November 15, 2012

Octobeard is OVER! The final results are in, but it looks like someone has been holding out on us and if this was a contest (and it wasn’t), we’d have to get the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency involved.


 Jason definitely had the most beard-like beard around: no weird bare patches that are common for part time beard wearers and with a touch of dignifying grey.

He probably would have looked right at home with a double bit axe on his shoulder and maybe a blue ox following him around.


Most of the time Jeff has a goatee and for some reason his face always seems to remember it. While not a complete failure, in the month long beard growing process, the sides just wouldn’t fill in completely nor do a good job connecting to his sideburns.

Clean shaven cheeks promptly appeared on November 1st.


Well it definitely looks like someone’s been using Miracle-Gro in the final days of Octobeard.

For the doubters out there, if you examine the photo closely, you can see that her beard hair is identical to the hair on her head. So, if you insist that one is fake, the other must be as well. You decide.


No offense to him, but Cisco didn’t really seem to get what was going on. He refused to shave prior to the kickoff of Octobeard and it doesn’t look like he’s going to do much now that it’s over.

Maybe he’ll cooperate better in Movember (…Whiskurary? I don’t know, what do dogs do?)

Speaking of Movember, Jason decided to compete in the month-long event for about a day and a half. We thought he just wasn’t cut out for the whole mustache thing, unless it was suddenly 1983 again, or our office was in Williamsburg. Here’s the proof:

That is all.

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