Author: Jason Katzwinkel

Writing a B2B White Paper

May 7, 2013
How to Write a Business-to-Business White Paper

Get to the point immediately And take care of the details last. Punch line: “That’s not a duck… that’s my wife!” The standard worry is that a punch line won’t have any impact unless the mechanics of the joke are laid out in perfect, airtight detail. The reality is, if the punch line is good…

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Plot Twist

December 6, 2012

Conversation with a client who just received his business cards (designed by 13 Guys Named Ed): “Hey, man. How are those business cards?” “They were delivered the day before a big trade show, so it worked out great.” “Oh yeah? What’d you think?” “They make me feel bad.” “WHAT?! Why? What’s wrong with them?” “There’s…

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Rebranding Branding

November 1, 2012

Your logo is not your brand. Your slogan is not your brand. Your packaging is not your brand. You are not your brand. Anybody who has ever tried to peddle their wares in the last hundred years has heard and read dozens of little axioms about strengthening their brand. “You gotta build your brand.” “You…

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Better Business in a Box

October 12, 2012

13 Guys Named Ed is thrilled to present our latest product, Better Business in a Box, an all-in-one branding solution for anybody who knows that “small business” is not the opposite of “serious business.”  Better Business in a Box provides a buffet of enterprise-grade solutions, all geared toward positioning your business as a serious and…

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