Better Business in a Box

October 12, 2012

Better Business in a Box

13 Guys Named Ed is thrilled to present our latest product, Better Business in a Box, an all-in-one branding solution for anybody who knows that “small business” is not the opposite of “serious business.”  Better Business in a Box provides a buffet of enterprise-grade solutions, all geared toward positioning your business as a serious and competent player in your field.

“People do judge a book by it’s cover.

We may have the best product, the highest quality, the most useful software, etc.; if we present them in a slipshod manner, they will be perceived as slipshod; if we present them in a creative, professional manner, we will impute the desired qualities.”

Point Three of The Apple Marketing Philosophy
by Mike Markkula, 1977

Professional Design and Branding

Better Business in a Box is all about presenting your business as professionally as possible. The whole process starts with a questionnaire, and from there we design and develop a top-notch, professional design theme that we use throughout the production of your website, your business cards, your brochures and your SavvyCard. With a professional and consistent branding package, your company will project an image that will capture the attention of savvy consumers.

Custom Informational Website

Once your brand is designed and developed, it will be applied to a one-page informational brochure website. Based on the information provided in the aforementioned questionnaire, the web page will inform visitors of the services you provide, and direct them to contact you. Additional relevant information, such as customer testimonials, store locations or social media links may also be included.


As a referral too for your business, we will apply your freshly developed brand to a SavvyCard ( A SavvyCard is an excellent tool for presenting your business quickly, neatly and to the point. It’s like a digital business card, but so much more. While a SavvyCard includes all of the pertinent details, such as company name, telephone number and email address, it also allows for informational details such as your company’s profile, a dynamic map to your location, social media information, and external resources for your customers.

In addition to the informational benefits, a SavvyCard is a remarkable referral tool. Imagine if everybody on the planet could hand out your business card whenever they came across a person in need of your services. With a SavvyCard, that becomes a reality.

500 Business Cards

With Better Business in a Box, you will receive five hundred sturdy, sexy, vibrant business cards to match your brand. That’s a full compliment of sixteen point, silk laminated, rounded corner, full color, double sided business cards; silky smooth to the touch, tear and water resistant, with a unique and attractive finish. These business cards are guaranteed to stand out in the vast ocean of flimsy white business cards.

500 Brochures

With Better Business in a Box, you will receive five hundred 8½” x 11” tri-fold, full color, double sided brochures on 100LB gloss book paper with aqueous coating. Of course these brochures will look and feel consistent with your website, SavvyCard and business cards for a cool and consistent branding package.

Enterprise-class email

Pick an email address that matches your business’s name or web address: Google Apps for Business comes with 25GB of email storage for every user. Gmail works natively on popular mobile phones such as Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone and can check and send email on any device with a web browser.

Virtual phone system

Get a big business phone experience for a small business price.

Transcribed Voicemail: Save time by reading voice messages in your inbox, allowing more time to be focused elsewhere.

“Find Me” Call Routing: Control where your calls go when you’re out so that you never miss a call. Route a call to a cell phone, colleague, or both.

Professional HD Quality Voice: Compare your HDTV to normal TV. Experience that huge improvement on your business phone with HD quality voice.

Auto-Attendant: “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support or 3 to talk to a human.” Powerful auto-attendant options are at your command.

Unlimited Minutes: No minute plans. No rollover. No overages. Talk as much as your business needs you to for one price.

Website hosting

Better Business in a Box comes with three months of hosting with 13 Guys Named Ed, which includes more space than you’ll ever need and more bandwidth than you’ll ever use.



That’s it.  No nickels, no dimes.

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