Octobeard – Week 1

October 9, 2012

What can 13 Guys do? Grow beards, that’s what! At the end of last month, we decided to focus more on client work and less on personal hygiene and Octobeard was born. We’re one week in and we thought we’d show you the results so far.


Octobeard - Jason - Week 1Jason pretty much looked this way about 15 minutes after he last shaved. The guy can grow body hair almost as well as he can dream up great web designs. We expect him to look like a Wookie in next week’s photo. Just sayin’.



Octobeard - Week 1 - JeffAlthough he started with a perfectly clean shave at the beginning of October, the ghost of his usual goatee seems be leaking out of his face. He is worried that, due to gravity, all of the facial hair has migrated down to his oversized neck which may cause future problems if it gets all tangled in his code typing hands. Jeff’s beard goal for this upcoming week is for no one to accuse him of being a homeless vagrant. Good luck with that.



Although she’s been trying very hard to cultivate a thick and manly beard, her attempts haven’t yet yielded any appreciable results. We still have high hopes for her because, as anyone who knows her will tell you, she never gives up on anything. But, if this was a contest (and it’s not) she’d be in last place. Feel free to send any beard growing advice directly to her at amanda@13gne.com

Stay tuned for Week 2 Octobeard results next week!

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