Octobeard – Week 3

October 23, 2012

As we get closer to November (Movember?), we totally forgot that we had been excluding an important member of the 13GNE team from our not-a-contest of beard growing. Granted, as a Canine-American, he’s had plenty of beard growing experience, but it was no reason to overlook Cisco’s participation in our office shenanigans. Sorry buddy.


Besides another week of beard growth, Jason’s also spent some time in the Florida sun making him look like a swarthier version of usual clean shaven self. He has also been a strict adherent to the Rule 2 of Octobeard. Although just speculation on our part, we assume his beard actually extends to his toes.


Jeff happened to notice that there’s an asterisk next to Rule 2 of Octobeard. He’s tried to keep a nice straight line between neck and beard so he, at least, has the appearance of someone who is aware of a thing called “personal hygiene.” The haircut didn’t hurt either.


She keeps trying, but we haven’t seen significant improvement in Amanda’s whisker department. However, she did schedule some time off for an outpatient surgical procedure and came back to the office with a bandage on her neck and chin. She said it was for “asthma,” but we’re pretty sure it was some kind of experimental beard growing operation to give her an advantage in the coming week.


Unfortunately, we don’t have the last couple of weeks of photos as proof, but we can attest that Cisco has been dutifully growing his beard since the beginning of the month. What he lacks in hair length on his cheeks and chin is more than made up by by square footage.

We think his beard growing secret is resting his chin on our feet as we work.

With a little more than a week to go, we still have plenty of more opportunity to show off how manly, womanly, or doggedly we can compete in our un-competition. Stay tuned for more updates.

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