Octobeard – Week 2

October 16, 2012

Another beard growing week has passed and we thought we’d give you an update on 13GNE’s Octobeard progress. One good thing to note is that we haven’t seemed to scare away any clients (yet).


Wooly mammoth + amazing designer = Jason Katzwinkel. As predicted, his beard is covering everything on his face except his forehead, eyes, and nose.

If Octobeard was a competition – and it’s not! – he’d be the gold medal winner.


What completes a patchy beard better than ironic-hipster-glasses? Jeff will be spending this next week of beard growth pondering what else he can do to make next week’s photo look different from this week’s.

Is there an app for that?


Try as she might, Amanda doesn’t seem to have the whisker growing knack.

We still have high hopes for her. There are still a few weeks left and she often excels at finding just the right solution at just the right time.

Stay tuned for next week’s results.

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