Love Letters to Google

July 25, 2012

Hundreds of years ago, in the 1980’s, people weren’t very different than they are today. They were thoughtful, inquisitive, and they wondered about things. Unfortunately, back then, that’s where it ended. They wondered, and that was that. There were a scant, ambitious few who followed through on their curiosity by travelling to libraries and laboratories, but for the most part people wondered about things and then went about their daily business none the wiser.

Today, people still wonder about things, but not for very long. These days, pondering and speculation last about as long as it takes to type out the subject matter of the fascination.

1982: “I wonder how many anagrams a person could pull out of ‘The Gettysburg Address.’ And now I am going to finish washing the dishes.”

2012: “I wonder how many anagrams I could pull out of ‘The Gettysburg Address.’

75001 anagrams found…
Badgered Hugest Trysts
Baddest Thuggery Rests
Baddest Thuggery Tress
Beggared Trysted Shuts
Debaters Hugged Trysts
Breasted Hugged Trysts
Debates Shrugged Tryst
Debate Shrugged Trysts
Bagged Trusted Shyster
Bagged Rutted Shysters
Bragged Trusted Shyest
Bragged Trysted Tushes
Garbed Gutted Shysters
Badger Gutted Shysters
Barged Gutted Shysters
Badgers Gutted Shyster
Badgers Trysted Hugest
Breadths Ruggedest Sty
Breadths Suggested Try
Breadths Grudges Testy
Breadths Sedgy Gutters
Breadths Trusted Yeggs
Breadths Druggy Testes
Breadths Druggy Tsetse
Breadth Druggy Tsetses
Bashed Ruggedest Tryst
Batted Grudges Shyster
Batted Rugged Shysters
Batted Grudge Shysters
Drabs Detests Thuggery
Bards Detests Thuggery
Brads Detests Thuggery
Beggary Sheds Strutted
Begat Trudged Shysters
Brashest Dredges Gutty
Brashest Grudged Testy
Brashest Drugged Testy
Brashest Tested Druggy
Brashest Detest Druggy
Bathers Detests Druggy
Breaths Detests Druggy
Bathes Grudges Trysted
Breasts Hugged Trysted
Basters Hugged Trysted
Batters Grudged Shyest
Batters Drugged Shyest
Beast Shrugged Trysted
Bates Shrugged Trysted
Betas Shrugged Trysted
Abets Shrugged Trysted
Beats Shrugged Trysted
Baste Shrugged Trysted
et cetera…”

In fact, in the obnoxious circles I run in, if anybody is so careless or dense as to wonder something aloud, that person is met with scorn and ridicule as everybody pulls out smartphones and laptops to sarcastically lament, “If only there was some type of magical device that could answer all of my questions, at any time, no matter where I was! Dare I even dream of such a world?”

To say we have the world at our fingertips no doubt seems trite and uninspired, but the very factual reality is that a great many of us need only wonder about something for a second, then we twitch a few of our extremities over some style of keyboard, wait for a page load, and mutter, “I know Google Fu.” Though this is a casual activity that we might engage in once or thirty times per day, it is an incredibly powerful artifact of the here and now. As with any source of power, there are those who would use that power for good and those who would use it for good for them.

In this primer, we will first explore the, “Why?” of Search Engine Optimization (SEO); what’s in it for you, what’s in it for them, and what’s in it for everybody? And after the, “Why?” we will delve into the, “How?”; what are the best practices of SEO in the middle part of 2012?

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